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Cash reshuffling: what is it?

Cash reshuffling: what is it?

When planning to move to another country, as well as situations related to starting a business or making other large transactions abroad, large amounts of cash are often needed. It is not easy to transfer them with you, because the legislation provides for certain requirements and restrictions.

In this case, you can use the money rearrangement service. It differs from bank transfers and transactions in exchange offices in the procedure itself and other nuances. We invite you to learn about everything in detail and determine whether such a translation is right for you.

What is cash shuffling?

This is the name of a simple procedure during which funds are transferred to an operator in one country and the same amount is received in a city in another country. Translation in this way opens up wide opportunities for the client. He does not need to adapt to regulation, waste time transporting the required amount in parts and plan his departure taking into account the regulation.

The transfer (transfer) is carried out without restrictions, since in this case the cash does not cross the border. Accordingly, there are no requirements or limits for the transfer, for non-compliance with which sanctions are imposed. Another feature of money rearrangement is its relatively high speed.

It usually takes a little time for the transfer transaction to complete. In most cases it takes a few minutes, but sometimes it takes several hours. The first translation option is mainly valid for Ukraine and the CIS. If money transfer is needed to eastern countries, the USA and Europe, then the transfer can take about several hours.


The essence of money rearrangement

Transferring cash in this way is similar to regular banking transactions of sending money to an account abroad. But, there are several significant differences:

  • implementing a reshuffle with lower commissions;
  • lack of a regulatory body for translation;
  • the need to fill out an application for reshuffle;
  • transfer of cash through a proxy;
  • the ability to send the amount by courier;
  • participation in the transfer of the client’s authorized representative.

The company or individual who organizes the reshuffle has offices in Ukraine and abroad. This makes it possible to quickly issue the required amount to the applicant abroad. Transfers can be made in any currency. For example, you can send hryvnia and receive hryvnia in another country. There are other translation options. You send hryvnias and receive dollars at the exchange rate (sometimes with delivery by courier).


How does money shuffling work?

Transferring cash abroad is a simple scheme followed by some organizations. They have offices where company representatives work. This is where requests for reshuffle are made, and money is accepted and withdrawn. The whole process is based on the fact that representatives abroad have their own bank accounts and certain amounts in them.

When an applicant in Ukraine transfers a certain amount, an office employee identifies him and accepts the transfer request. After all details have been agreed upon and confirmed, the request is transferred to an office employee in another country. He verifies the data and issues funds in another country. Some companies offer a courier service to the specified address.


How does the transfer between countries take place?

The transfer of money abroad takes place in several stages. The first is filling out an application. You need to find an office at an address in one country and agree with the employees to provide the service. To do this, just find a contact number and call a representative.

He clarifies the details of the transfer (including country, amount, address and other details of the application), and then indicates the commission percentage. If conditions are suitable, a place and date are discussed. At the appointed time, the parties meet in the office at the specified address and perform several actions:

  1. Transfer of a certain amount of money to a representative of the organization.
  2. Placing an order (application).
  3. Recalculation of received funds.
  4. Identification by special banknote.
  5. Sending confirmation to a cashier in another country.
  6. Receiving funds (you must also present an identifying banknote).

It is important that the issuance of money during the rearrangement process is carried out only if the serial number of the bill matches. Everything is done confidentially, so you don’t have to worry about various nuances. Sometimes organizations offer a courier delivery service.

Is it even safe?

The procedure is not subject to any restrictions. But, you need to choose only trusted companies that meet the safety criteria. They can be determined by reviews, number of completed tasks and work experience. To ensure reliability, you can ask people who have already been clients for details.

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