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Bulldog Exchange: Why Was the Exchange Named After a Dog?

Bulldog Exchange: Why Was the Exchange Named After a Dog?

“Every client is special to us. It doesn’t matter if they’re exchanging $200 or $20,000 – our reputation and our service quality are what’s important to us”

A good exchange service is as rare as a unicorn nowadays, and Obmify knows about quality services like no other. Today, let’s talk about Bulldog Exchange – a service with hundreds of exchange directions that has become a favorite among our users. What makes it so special?

Creation Story

The Bulldog Exchange team has been involved in financial operations offline for over 4 years. With the cryptocurrency boom, they realized that users needed a convenient, accessible, and great online service, so they decided to create one.

The name “Bulldog Exchange” was chosen for a reason – it’s unusual, unique, easily brandable, and memorable. And the idea for the name came from one of the exchange’s founders, who owns a French Bulldog:

CEO Bulldog Exchange

This bulldog has created a lot of hype, and it symbolizes loyalty and strength – exactly what the exchange should be associated with, as they want to be strong and reliable partners for their users.

Scam Story

Some support tickets hold a place of honor in every company. The “bulldogs” have their own board of fame, with their favorite story being the quintessence of cunning and agility.

An individual tried to scam the Bulldog Exchange team. Initially, this anonymous person offered them promotional services through YouTube and Telegram channels. The team declined, having their own development strategy. However, a week later, the same person attempted to pull off a scam using a fake payment screenshot and demanding the “accidentally” transferred $2,000. But Bulldog Exchange wasn’t so trusting – they quickly saw through the deception and responded with dignity, “Nice try, but not today.”

Bulldog Exchange understands the difficulties people face, even scammers. Thus, they offered to work through a referral system, but were refused. Because that would actually mean working.

Popular Coins

Let’s not list dozens of cryptocurrencies and hundreds of other exchange directions supported by the “bulldogs,” but it’s clear that the most popular direction is, of course, cash and withdrawing crypto to a card. Cash withdrawals work practically all over Ukraine, and foreign user favorites are Germany and Poland.

Of course, buying crypto for cash is very popular now, but it’s important to remember the risks involved.

Bulldog Exchange Advises

Be wary of the “triangle” scheme, old as the hills but still working. This trick starts with a stranger promising an incredibly favorable rate for depositing cash into the exchange’s cashier, which, unfortunately, is a clear scam. When an unsuspecting client brings in the money, the scammer, posing as a middleman, asks for Tether to be transferred to a wallet that actually doesn’t belong to the client. Bulldog Exchange found a solution: every client bringing cash must fill out a form, confirming the wallet for the funds transfer belongs to them. This not only strengthens transaction security but also insures against potential scams. Thus, Bulldog Exchange regularly encounters such scam attempts, but caution makes problems easy to avoid.

Why You’ll Become a Regular Client of Bulldog Exchange? Main advantages:

  • Fast exchange order processing (up to 10 minutes);
  • Loyal and immediate support that goes above and beyond if needed by the client;
  • A wide range of cryptocurrencies for exchange;
  • Convenient exchange for clients of any Ukrainian banks;
  • Partners of Obmify, always at the TOP for the best rate;
  • No commissions;
  • The ability to exchange cryptocurrency for various fiat currencies (USD, EUR, UAH, KZT) and vice versa;
  • Exchange options without KYC for PrivatBank and Monobank;
  • The possibility of exchanging for cash (and vice versa) in many cities of Ukraine and Poland, in the largest cities of Europe.

Security Guarantees of Bulldog Exchange

Bulldog Exchange pays maximum attention to security and confidentiality issues. Over the years on the market, the exchange has earned a high reputation and hundreds of positive reviews on various platforms, including Obmify.

Furthermore, Bulldog Exchange went further by depositing a certain amount (insurance deposit) into the Obmify monitoring fund, guaranteeing even greater security of exchange operations specifically in this exchange.

This acts as an extra guarantee for users: in case of any disputes or problems with transactions, Obmify is ready to compensate the funds. This approach not only emphasizes the exchange’s responsibility towards its clients but also demonstrates its intention to have the most secure and profitable environment for currency exchange.

Обзор интерфейса и функционала Bulldog exchange

Bulldog Exchange Overview of the Interface and Functionality

Before launching the service, the team was absolutely clear: it needs to have a great design. When they looked at other exchanges and thought, “Oh, that’s tough – we wouldn’t use that,” they decided to create a classy design that not only pleases users but also adds trust to the exchange process.

The Bulldog Exchange website is designed to simplify the exchange process for the user as much as possible. From selecting a cryptocurrency to completing a transaction and confirmation – every step is clearly structured and requires no extra actions.


In a year of operation, Bulldog Exchange has expended so much effort and energy on their project that it can be compared to preparing for a marathon. And every month, their revenues grow drastically. They haven’t started celebrating their successes with fireworks yet, but they already have a stable base of regular and satisfied clients that grows every day.

For Obmify, Bulldog Exchange is a special partner, as we work together to break the stereotype of “online exchange = scam”. Together, we make sure that users feel comfortable buying or selling cryptocurrencies or transferring money remotely.

Have you used Bulldog Exchange yet? If not, it’s time to give it a try!

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